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Meet Local Joe, Justin!

Name: Justin Murphy

Twitter: @Mr_JustinMurphy

Twitter: @Mr_JustinMurphy


Age: 32

Family Status: Married to My wife Katie for 11 years. 1 son Tyler (9) and 1 daughter Aubrey (6)

Occupation: Environmental Scientist at iSi Environmental and I am a Guardsman as a Bioenvironmental Engineering Craftsman for the Kansas Air National Guard.

Running Background: I used to run in high school (small town 5Ks). I took a 15 year break, outside of required USAF running. Started seriously running again in 2013 and wanted to run the PFM, last fall, but I wasn’t ready and my training failed.


What are you hoping to gain from your experience as a Local Joe?: I want to prove to myself, after the failure from last year, that I can complete a marathon.

What is your biggest fear about being a Local Joe?: Not being able to finish the marathon due to an unforeseen circumstance in a very public forum.

Favorite Workout Tune: It changes almost daily. But right now I like “The Pretender” by the Foo Fighters