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Meet the 2013 Prairie Fire Pace Teams – Full Marathon

Full Marathon


Tom Full

Name: Tom Howard
Favorite Race: Boston Marathon
Favorite Pre-race Meal: Salmon, potatoes and veggies
Why You’re Pacing: because I’m tired of pushing myself to the point that I want to curl up in a ball on the side of the road! Actually, it just looks like a great experience and I can’t wait!
Name: Travis White
Favorite Race: Pikes Peak
Favorite Pre-race Meal: Usually anything from Olive Garden
Why You’re Pacing:  I thought it would be fun to help others achieve their PR goals
Name: Terry Harlow
Favorite Race: the next oneFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Chipotle – chicken bowl, double rice, no beans, corn salsa and lettuce w/ Chipotle Tabasco

Why You’re Pacing: the excitement when people finish and meet their goals
Name: Jason Niblack
Favorite Race: While the 5k is NOT my favorite race distance, the Resolution Run New Years Eve 5k is one of my favorite races every year! I get to run and drink beer!!
Favorite Pre-race Meal: A large bowl of leafy greens. Ha! Seriously, I’m a simple pasta guy; mostly spaghetti.
Why You’re Pacing: I want to give back to my local running community. Wichita is a great running city, and I’ve made some of the best friends ever running the streets of Wichita! Now it’s my turn to meet some new people, chat them up along the way, and help them reach their marathon goal!
Name: Andy Naumann


Favorite Race: Des Moines Marathon


Favorite Pre-race Meal: Olive Garden Chicken Parmesan


Why You’re Pacing: I want to help people reach their goal of running a sub-3:45 marathon.  It’s also a lot of fun to get to know a new group of people while running with them for 26 miles.  I have paced 10 previous marathons and each one has been a great experience!
Name: Bill Hetrick
Favorite Race: Wild West Relay – especially running at night through the Rocky Mountains under a full moon.
Favorite Pre-race Meal: Spicy pasta with lots of water.
Why You’re Pacing: It’s a great way to be involved in our great local marathon event.

Name: Wael Sammur

Favorite Race: Road – Lincoln Marathon, Trail – Rocky Raccoon 50/100 mile run

Favorite Pre-race Meal: Pizza for lunch and pasta for dinner.

Why You’re Pacing: because I am having fun helping people and seeing first timers take on a marathon and finish it.



Name:  Pamela Paterson

Favorite Race:  Pikes Peak Ascent

Favorite Pre-race Meal: Grilled Salmon, Asparagus and Wild Rice

Why You’re Pacing: When I ran my marathon a good friend of mine ran the last 7 miles with me, I don’t think I would have made it without her encouragement, so I want to do the same for others, I want to pay it forward in the hopes that everyone running will feel the sheer joy of their accomplishment for there is no better feeling than crossing the finish line of a race.

Dave Cunnningham PFM Half Pacer

Name: Dave Cunningham

Favorite Race: Avenue of the Giants

Favorite Pre-race Meal: Spaghetti and meat sauce, rolls and salad.

Why You’re Pacing: It’s more fun to help others!




Name: Bob Schluben
Favorite Race: Marine Corps Marathon
Favorite Pre-race Meal: Spaghetti
Why You’re Pacing: I love to help other runners reach their goals




Name: Ken Fattmann
Favorite Race: I’ve run 68 marathons; hard to pick a favorite but the End of the World/Day After the End of the World double in Dec 2012 was fun.
Favorite Pre-Race Meal: Mashed potatoes.
Why You’re Pacing: I enjoy the mental challenge of constantly calculating where we are against the course and clock but also do that when I’m racing by myself. Pacing gives me the chance to guide and encourage others in attaining a goal they’ve worked hard to achieve.



Name:  Karla Gregg

Favorite Race:  Pikes Peak Marathon and Ironman Coeur d’Alene

Favorite Pre-race meal:  I don’t have anything specific that I eat.  Generally pasta and chicken the night before and applesauce, banana and oatmeal race morning.

Why are you pacing:  I’m really excited about pacing!  I’ve done over 20 marathons and paced several individuals during their marathons.  I just think it’s really fun to be part of the marathon and encourage others along on their marathon journey.  The Houston pace team was a great in helping me achieve a PR and I’m honored to return the favor.



Name: Steve Harris

Favorite Race: Hospital Hill

Favorite Pre-Race Meal: Pasta (of course)

Why You’re Pacing: Pacers have helped me achieve my goals in the past and I love being able to give back by helping others achieve their goals. I also feel as a pacer I can help everyone run their best race and encourage those who need a little extra motivation.