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Meet the 2013 Prairie Fire Pace Teams – Half Marathon

Half Marathon Pace Team


Patrick G

Name:  Patrick Goebel

Favorite Race:  Half Marathon

Favorite Pre-race Meal:  As plain and normal as I can keep it!

Why You’re Pacing:  I want to try to help anyone who has been working at breaking 1:30 do it! Running with friends is always more fun!



Name: Thomas O’Connell

Favorite Race: Race for the Cure. I run it for my mom, she’s a survivor.

Favorite Pre-Race Meal: Pizza Hut all the way!

Why You’re Pacing: Filling in for a “fallen man” (original pacer got hurt) and it should be a fun time. I planned on being out there anyways, so if I can help people out while I’m there, even better!




Name: Nick Williams

Favorite Race: San Antonio’s 2.2 mile Fiesta Fandango
(Prequel to a huge parade, through thousands of cheering and partying Hispanics)

Favorite Pre-Race Meal: Half a bagel, half a banana, a lot of water and a lot of calming thoughts

Why You’re Pacing: Pacing because it’s fun and a challenge to bring the best out in others. And I like pretending my pacing stick is a light saber or a battlefield flag signaling CHARGE!



Name: Brad Blonigen

Favorite Race: Disney’s Goofy’s challenge. Great logistics, the added challenge of pacing and recovery to get through both days and you can’t beat the atmosphere of Disney.

Favorite Pre-race Meal: A bagel and a banana the morning of, but that’s not really a “meal” so mine is teriyaki chicken the night before.

Why You’re Pacing: Pacing is a great way to give back by helping people hit their goal times. And I want to be like Nick.




Name: Kyle Shults
Favorite Race: I really enjoy half marathons so any race around 13 miles works for me.
Favorite Pre-race Meal: Simple: oatmeal, coffee, and a hit of crunchy peanut butter…maybe an oreo or two.
Why You’re Pacing: This summer, after years of treadmill running, I started going to one of the local track nights and was lucky enough to get hooked up with a group of runners that reestablished the joy of running for me.  I just hope that by pacing I can share what was given to me by others and help someone achieve a goal.
Name: Nancy RusanowskyFavorite race: I enjoy a variety of races. My favorite race is usually the one I just finished or the one I’m training for at the time.Favorite Pre-race meal: Cliff bar, coffee & water.Why You’re pacing: Pacing is a way for me to give back to the running community by helping others achieve their 1/2 marathon goal and have some fun along the way!

Name: Jennifer Schmidt
Favorite Race:  Usually the one I just finished. Pikes Peak is a favorite because of the fun group and weekend away.
Favorite Pre- race Meal:  2 beers, a steak and potato the night before.
Why You’re Pacing: So I don’t have to run fast. No pressure! I really enjoyed it last time and had a lot of people thank me.
Name: Melanie Garden
Favorite Race: Pikes Peak MARATHON — no question about it!
Favorite Pre race meal: Garden of Life Vanilla Protein Powder shake blended with ice/almond milk/almond butter/Cacao nibs…or Garden of Life Chocolate Protein Powder blended with frozen dark cherries and almond milk/cacao nibs!
Why You’re Pacing: Because there was a need and thought it would be fun to run a reasonable pace without the stress of racing, while getting to know some new runners!  And the pacer shirt is fantastic but that was bonus because I didn’t know about it when I signed up to Pace!
Name: Joe Christman
Favorite Race: Run for Mission 13.1, Haviland, KS. Cross-country style course.
Favorite Pre-race Meal: 2 packets of Oatmeal + Advocare O2 gold & Slam. Got to prime to engine!
Why You’re Pacing: I’m the type of person that enjoys helping others and when I can see the joy on their faces as I bring them under their goal time, it’s a gold star in my book.


Name: Annie Heskett

Favorite Race: Bolder Boulder 10K

Favorite Pre-Race Meal: I’m not really choosey….

Why I’m pacing: I saw that volunteers were needed, and I thought it would be a cool experience and help motivate me to run my first FULL marathon in November.