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Pro-Tip Number 3 from Hanna Rosov

Our good friend Hanna from Zeal Fitness Studio is back with some more excellent advice as you round that final corner of training for your fall race.

hanna pace

Hanna pacing in the 2013 Spring Half

Tip 3:   INTENSITY MATTERS: “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift”, “if you’re going to be in the gym, be in the gym”  you’ve heard it all before, now use it. Every single workout has a purpose even recovery runs, don’t skip any, don’t dog any – that will give you the confidence to know you are prepared for your event. Hard days are just that – HARD. Don’t be afraid to lift and do a harder run on the same day that’s what earns you a recovery day. Use your recovery days – enjoy them, don’t feel guilty – if you’ve worked hard your body needs them to repair so it can be stronger for the next hard workout. 

Zeal Fitness Owner, Hanna Rosov

Zeal Fitness Owner, Hanna Rosov