News, events and stories from the Prairie Fire Marathon.

Race Week with the Local Joes

We’re just days away from the 2013 Wichita Prairie Fire Full and Half Marathon. We’ve got our eyes on so many runners, and especially on our Local Joes. We’ve watched these two through Twitter and DailyMile all summer and now they’re just days away from race day.

Here’s what Sean and Emily have to say.


We wish them nothing but a great run and a great experience! Go Get ‘Em Joes!


Sean C. Amore



Since we last caught up on “Sean’s Attempt at Running” things continue to be fine.


The last several weeks have been mainly about trying to learn how to first turn on and then use a Garmin to better pace myself over the course of a longer run. I’ve incorporated stylish compression socks, and food in to my run. I’ve also sworn my way through a few 5Ks to get the “race day” experience and help ensure the Prairie Fire Half Marathon won’t be overwhelming.


I’m ready for the “big day”. I’ve run 450 miles through GoRun Wichita’s Start2Finish program and covered the 13.1 mile distance twice. I run almost all my training miles on the course itself (I know every undulation of Douglas by now) and I get 10 – 11 miles in every Saturday. My pace, now slightly faster than a drunk tortoise’s, is improving. With the recent drop in heat and humidity, I know all the dampness in my clingy clothes is from hard work.


I don’t have a race “plan”. I’ll be fat and lazy on Saturday, get to the staging area early, line up toward the back of the pack, and focus on only my race and pace from the first stride. From there it is just one foot in front of the other, good tunes in my ears, and staring straight ahead for a very long time.


Emily Behlmann 


The second half of training definitely had its highs and lows for me. On one hand, the increasing mileage was really challenging. Each Saturday, I would add a mile (or maybe two) to my long run, and the additional mileage would feel harder each time, even though I didn’t think that was possible. It wiped me out and pretty much shot my energy for the day. On the other hand, it was very satisfying to know that I was accomplishing longer and longer distances, and I could even see my times improving. Plus, even though I’m exhausted on Saturday afternoons, the running gives me more energy overall.

I’m feeling pretty confident about race day. It’s a little unnerving that my longest training run was 6.2 miles short of marathon distance, but I know the program was designed to give me the ability to complete the full race. I plan to run with the 5-hour pace group. I know I can keep up with them for at least half the race, and I’ll try to stay with them the whole way. I have gels ready to eat during the race, so I’m mainly just thinking about what to eat the day before and morning of the race.

Preparing for the marathon has been a lot of work, and though I’ve already seen benefits from the training, I’m excited to see it all truly pay off at the race.