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Angi’s Exciting First Month as a Local Joe

1. My first month as a Local Joe has been challenging yet rewarding.

Twitter @PrattyLessFatty

Twitter @PrattyLessFatty

2. What’s been your best experience so far? 

Meeting the awesome cats in Start2Finish and all the support from social media


3. Worst?  

Getting all the miles in by Fridays!

4. How are you feeling about July’s training?

It has been a nutso month juggling training/work/kids/travel but I got the miles in. I feel accomplished. 

5. Funniest Joe moment so far?

I travel for work and I found myself in a town with no gym that allowed drop ins.  The issue wasn’t where to run…but where to shower before my meeting.  I had just rolled out of bed that morning and bathing was a non-negotiable….run or no run.  I pulled into a park & did my miles, all the while contemplating “should I get a motel room for a bathtub?” “This house looks nice,  maybe I could knock” and “why doesn’t anyone have sprinklers around here?”  Lo and behold, rounding the corner 3 miles later, I spotted a waterpark. 30 minutes later, I was showered, fresh and clean clean for my meeting.  Best $5 I’ve ever spent.