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Checking In with Local Joe, Bethany

1. My first month as a Local Joe has been ________________.


I would have to say that my first month as a Local Joe has been fun and yet difficult.  There have been many ups and downs on this journey….as there are with every journey.

Twitter: @bethany535

Twitter: @bethany535

2. What’s been your best experience so far?


My best experience would have to be my long run last week!  It was week 3 and I had to do 6 miles. That was pretty much another River Run.  I couldn’t help remember how AWFUL that was!!  I was nervous and terrified.  I was going out of town that Saturday so I made myself run it with one of my friends early that Friday morning.  To my surprise it wasn’t awful!!!!!  I didn’t walk or stop once!  AND to top it all off, I shaved 4.5 minutes off of my River Run time for 6 miles!!!  Also….I kept a pretty steady pace instead of tapering down!  It was the first time I really noticed how much I’m improving!

3. Worst?

My worst experience has got to be the long run on week 2!  It was 5 miles and about 1.5 miles in I got a blister on my heel.  Add that to the 3 H’s of death (Heat, Humidity, and Hills) and it was miserable!  I walked way more than I wanted to.  That day I just felt defeated.  
4. How are you feeling about July’s training?
I’ll be honest….I’m terrified!  It is only going to get hotter and the mileage is only going to get higher!  
5. Funniest Joe moment so far?


I don’t know if I have a funny Joe moment yet….but I do have a fun moment!  I have gotten to know other people besides the other Joe’s and that to me is really exciting!!!