News, events and stories from the Prairie Fire Marathon.

Checking In With Local Joe, Jared

1. My first month as a Local Joe has been awesome!!
Twitter: @JaredEstes25

Twitter: @JaredEstes25

2. My best experience was setting a PR at Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth on July 21! Our S2F trainer Kevin helped me to prepare those last few weeks leading up to it and it made a big difference.
3. My worst experience(s) has been the long runs since the marathon. Heat is my kryptonite for sure. With my burn injury and grafts I can’t sweat out of about 45 percent of my body. That causes me to overheat pretty easily so I have to watch it. The past couple of long runs at the park have been muggy and warm, especially toward the end. If it gets too hot I may have to knock these out on a treadmill just to be safe…but I’m stubborn and like running with the other Joes so that would be a last resort. It was only around 50 to 55 degrees for the Duluth marathon so it was perfect. Here’s to hoping it’s cool in October for the race!
4. I’m feeling a little behind. The marathon and heat had thrown me off but I’m starting to catch back up. Just needed to give my legs a chance to recover I think. Batteries are now powering back up for sure.
5. (Funniest experience) I was out for a 6 mile run down 21st a couple of weeks ago and was wearing a t-shirt of one of my favorite bands “My Chemical Romance.” I noticed a group of 3 Junior High age(ish) girls coming toward me and moved to the edge of the sidewalk to let them by. One of them was out in front of her friends a little ways and as I ran by she commented “Hey, nice shirt.” I looked down to see what I put on that day and said “thanks!” Always nice to meet another MyChem fan. As I approached her two friends walking behind her I received 2 more “Nice shirt!” comments. When I turned to thank them I noticed both of the girls were also wearing My Chemical Romance shirts. I yelled out “How cool are we right now!” after I passed and we all laughed. It definitely made my run. What are the odds?!