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Justin Has Found Being a Local Joe is “Rewarding.”

It’s been a month since our nine Local Joes have started training for their Fall Prairie Fire events. They’ve been meeting the GoRun Wichita Start2Finish Training groups on Saturdays and plugging in miles during the week on their own. We’ll be checking in with each “Joe” to see how month one of training has been treating them.
Checking in with Justin Murphy:
Twitter: @Mr_JustinMurphy

Twitter: @Mr_JustinMurphy

1. My first month as a Local Joe has been pretty rewarding.

2. What’s been your best experience so far?  I really enjoy the long group runs on Saturdays. Seeing everyone before the run begins then reading how everyone else is doing on social media.  I really enjoy seeing other runners do well and accomplish their goals along this journey.  To this point, getting to the Saturday runs has been my motivation.  It means that I have completed another week and that I am stronger for it.

3. Worst?  The weekdays, during the week of 6/23 was pretty blah.  The whole week was just messed up.  From running too hard one day, to missing a day, making that up in an 8 mile combo day, then falling short on another day.  I was worried that I had done something to my back.  But my Saturday run went off without a hitch and I had my best long run yet.
4. How are you feeling about July’s training?  Slightly nervous.  I am taking a vacation and I will have to balance vacation activities with running on a cruise ship.  I’ve checked, they have a track on deck.
5. Funniest Joe moment so far?  I don’t think it has anything to do with me being a Joe.  But I got heckled running on Rock Road a few days ago.  I run with a sweatband on my head 85% of the time.  I have to admit I look pretty goofy out there with that thing on.