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Meet Local Joe, Augstine!

Name: Augustine Iacopelli

Twitter: @AugustineICT

Twitter: @AugustineICT


Age: 36


Family Status: Bianca is my loving wife of a lucky for me 13 years. She’s the one who actually LIKES running. We have one 5 year old son named Augustine that we call “Picco” which is short for “piccolo” (“small” in Italian).

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Occupation: Assistant Director of the Wichita State University West Campus


Running Background: I ran my first race in November 2013 and consider myself a very reluctant runner at best in that I do it to be supportive of my wife, but don’t consider it something that I particularly enjoy much.

2014 Run2Believe

2014 Run2Believe


What are you hoping to gain from your experience as a Local Joe?: A greater appreciation for the time and effort people put into this activity and how challenging and competitive it can be. I also hope the pain of training will turn into the gain of accomplishment that I feel crossing the finish line of my first 13.1 this October with my wife at my side while pushing our stroller with our son in it. I can clearly visualize that moment and look forward to that last 1/10th of a mile toward the finish line with spectators lining the sidelines cheering while cleverly blocking out the 13 miles of painfully hard work that preceded it.


What is your biggest fear about being a Local Joe?: That fame and fortune will go to my head! But seriously, I’m worried about two things in particular, 1) getting hurt, especially if it’s right before the race and serious enough to prevent me from running and finishing it, and 2) having the resolve to force my body through the tough times of training that I know are ahead.


Favorite Workout Tune: I don’t really have a favorite per se. I just pick out the Pandora station that seems the best for my mood at the time, typically something with a peppy beat or a solid base rhythm to help me block out that pesky “stop running!” voice in my head!

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