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Meet Local Joe, Melissa!

Name:  Melissa Scheffler

Twitter: @KWCHMelissa

Twitter: @KWCHMelissa


Age:  34


Family Status:  married to my awesome husband, Rob


Occupation:  KWCH Anchor/Reporter

Melissa Scheffler


Running Background:  My running “habit” started in college.  That’s when I realized I was setting myself up for an unhealthy life, if I didn’t make some changes how I was living.  So, I started eating better and walking.  Eventually, a little bit at a time, I started running.  Since then, running has always been a part of my workout routine.  I’ve ran two half marathons and I can’t wait to tackle a FULL marathon!


What are you hoping to gain from your experience as a Local Joe?:  I hope to get the discipline, confidence, and support required to finish a marathon.  This is a “bucket list” item for me—to say I’ve finished a marathon!  I know it will take an entire team to get me across that finish line.  I intend to be there for my fellow Local Joes too!


What is your biggest fear about being a Local Joe?:  My biggest fear is everyone watching me make mistakes along the way.  I know marathon training won’t be easy.  That’s why there are training programs and fellow runners to lean on.  But with this program, everyone will see my ups and downs—which in the end is a good thing, because my training will show ANYONE can run a marathon!

Finishing the St. Jude Half

Finishing the St. Jude Half


Favorite Workout Tune:  “Bawitdaba,” Kid Rock