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Meet The Prairie Fire Half Marathon Pace Team!

We are pleased to introduce you to your pacers for the 2012 Prairie Fire Half Marathon! This group was comprised of local runners, ready to lead you to your goal. Don’t forget, you can meet the Full Pace Team from Smart Pacing HERE.

If you have any questions for the pacers, email us at

1:45 PACE

Nick Williams

Nick has been a competitive runner for 15 years and is currently specializing in finding running trails where ever the military sends him.  He mainly runs to counteract his poor eating habits and is known for running with a smile.  His goal is to convince SmartPacing to beginning printing Pace Team capes with large times printed on the back.  Who wouldn’t want to follow a person in a cape?  He has completed 8 marathons and many more half marathons.

Half Marathon PR: 1:24

2:00 PACE

Zach Bailor

Since racing for the Friends Cross Country team for two years, Zach has run multiple marathons and 50Ks. This is his first time pacing an official race, but he looks forward to the opportunity to help the half marathoners accomplish their goal! Runners should be ready to be entertained and distracted from the pain all while having a great time!

2:15 PACE

Kevin Swinicki

An avid runner completing races from the 5K through 50K. Kevin has also had the distinct pleasure of also pacing the last two years for the Badwater 135 in Death Valley, California. Has coached middle school cross country for the last 8 years and is USATF level one certified.

2:30 PACE

Jen Garcia

Jen caught the running bug in 2007 after completing her first half marathon. Since then she has ran 20 half marathons and 2 full marathons. Her inspiration comes from her sister’s death from type 1 diabetes. Now she uses her knowledge to inspire others to start running. Her goal is to encourage and help other runners reach their goal and have fun doing it. Her motto is “I run because I CAN!”