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Pro-Tip From Zeal Fitness Studio

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Hanna Rosov is a personal trainer and owner of Zeal Fitness Studio in Wichita, KS. She is also a big friend of Prairie Fire. Hanna has been on the PFM Pace Team several times and helped so many runners meet their goals.

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During the day, Hanna serves many athletes, especially runners. She helps them train up their muscles and improve their form.

We we asked her to share some of her expertise with all of you as you train this summer.

Here’s a Pro-Tip from Trainer Hanna:

Zeal Fitness Owner, Hanna Rosov

Zeal Fitness Owner, Hanna Rosov


Before EVERY run, athletes (hello, you’re running a race, so yes you are an athlete) should go through a Dynamic Stretching Warmup. 5-8 minutes prepares your body for movement by warming up muscles signaling them it’s time to work. Using the same routine every time you train cues your body up for training, when race day comes and you execute that same routine it calms your nerves, and your body knows what to expect.
Just a few of my favs:
1)Plank Walk Out
2)Dynamic Hip Flexor Stretch (she’s really slow, shorten the movement slightly by tucking your tail bone, and speed it up a bit without bouncing)
3)World’s Greatest Stretch (just watch the first 30 seconds – you don’t have to listen to Hans)
4)Wall Slides: Yep, gotta work the upper body. Unlike this lovely girl you are going to bring your feet away from the wall so your back doesn’t hyperextend like hers does (that’s ugly, & we don’t do ugly). Keep your lower rib cage against the wall

OR  you can just follow along with Lacy!


You can keep up with Hanna’s weekly tips on Zeal’s Facebook page. You can also learn about her popular “Strength for Runners” class.