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Run Prairie Fire for the Cause of Your Choice

Hosting a race as a fundraiser is a fantastic way to raise money. Many organizations do so all throughout the year. Runners love that their money is going to a worthy cause, not just to block off the streets. However, did you know that the average 5K costs $900 to put on? That means if the race brings in $1000 they’ve only raised $100.

This year, Prairie Fire has partnered with “Meg’s Team” to help worthy causes raise funds without all the headache of hosting a single event. These organizations will be using the Prairie Fire races as their event. Read more from Meg Sytnick about how you can put more purpose behind your Prairie Fire Marathon this year.








The Meg’s team community health & wellness initiative is a cooperative
partnership between the prairie fire marathon races and Local & nationally
recognized Non-profits foundations and organizations. By Providing an avenue to
raise funds through endurance sport, we will develop and improve the quality of
life in our communities.
the Meg’s team Run & Raise program is open to anyone. Whether you are a walker
or runner it doesn’t matter. The goal is encourage communities to get active, get
healthy and help a cause.
This project is one that is very personal to me. I became a part of the endurance
sport world through my participation in a charity sports endurance program in
2009. I’ve been running (walking at times) as a way to give back. I often times feel
like my hands are tied when a friend or family member is battling for their lives.
But I found that over time, through fundraising and my participation in
endurance events, that I can give back in so many ways.
I began to run for cancer research and quickly realized that those battling
cancer are afflicted with many other health issues. Not to mention, their family
members are dealing with their own personal obstacles. So I began to look
around and it inspired me to connect various organizations to cooperatively
achieve a common goal.
the Inaugural Meg’s Team Run & Raise program will benefit 10 causes. Becoming a
member of Meg’s team is easy. Select between the 5k, half-marathon or Full
marathon, and Then select of the cause of your choice. Each race has a
predetermined fundraising minimum of $100 or $200. Program participation
includes race registration, custom meg’s team race singlet, Prairie fire Marathon
gear and best of all, a charitable contribution to your favorite cause.