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Local Joe Jennifer White, Local Superhero

Have you met Jennifer White? Have you seen her on TV or heard her on the radio, or maybe read about her in the paper? This Local Joe has inspired us before she even tied up her first running shoe. She’s been working diligently with ICT SOS and Carpenter Place. After this mother of two learned about the human trafficking taking place among young girls right here in the city, she took action and has been fighting for young women’s safety ever since. In fact, while she trains as one of our Joes, she’s gearing up to put on a 5K, The Race for Freedom.

We’re so proud to have Jennifer on our team and we’re so impressed with all she’s done for this city.

We checked in with Jennifer several weeks ago and asked about her training then. Here’s what she said.

1. Overall, how are you feeling about training thus far?
I’m actually really enjoying it- despite the heat! I love the accountability to my teammates and our group runs (when we can all make it) on Saturdays.
2. What is your best moment of 1/2 marathon training so far?
 I hit 5 miles last Saturday- longest I’ve run in forever!
3. What have been your biggest hurdles?
Scheduling- and the heat.
4. Have any doubts about running all 13.1 miles in October?
Nope! With Holly’s plan, I haven’t been too sore or uncomfortable at all! Normally I get gung-ho and then get sore and then quit. It has been gradual and I love that each week I feel stronger!
5. What’s your favorite running tune right now?
I created a Pandora running station with a bunch of guilty pleasure cheesy pop stuff. Everything from Brittney to Pitbull to LMFAO. Gotta love a little “Sexy and I Know It” for motivation!
Jennifer was one of the Joes to complete the 10K in July. Since the 10k, the miles have ramped and here’s what Jennifer had to say today.
Training is going “OK”
It’s going about how I thought it would. Fitting it into my crazy schedule is the hardest part. I got back on track this week but the two weeks before were rough. Between houseparenting 6 teens/young adults, my own family and planning a full calendar of events for the ICT S.O.S. awareness month (including Race for Freedom!)…my running time has been severely limited.
BUT I do know that if I hadn’t signed up to be a Joe, I would not be doing ANY physical exercise right now. The accountability has been great and I look forward to seeing the other Joes each week- even if it means 6am on a Saturday! My teammates are such an inspiration and I don’t want to let them down so I force myself out the door during the week to run and I’m always glad after a run that I did it!
You can follow Jennifer as she trains with trainer Holly Perkins and the other Local Joes by following the #PFMJoes hashtag on Twitter or follow the feed on the race website.
Jennifer always rallies the Joes every Friday night as they plan for their long run. Their sponsor, can be heard on these tweets as they cheer for the Joes each week too.
Race day is just a few weeks away. We’re so excited to see our Joes become finishers. 1/2 Marathon finishers who weren’t runners a few months ago! Keep it up Joes!