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Local Joe, Nathan Carr

Our Local Joes are still plugging away at their training. These guys have been letting the community in on their training since day one. You can follow their training by following the #PFMJoes hashtag on Twitter. You can also see those tweets at the race website too.

These individuals are being supported by and the training of Holly Perkins.

We’ve hit the halfway point with these guys and thought we should check-in on them individually.

Today, we’ll hear from Nathan Carr.

Local Joe- Nathan Carr


1. Overall, how are you feeling about training thus far?

I am feeling really good about the training so far. I am glad that we have such a supportive community around us.
2. What is your best moment of 1/2 marathon training so far?
My best moment was on the first group run. I really didnt know what to expect. It felt really good to run as far as I did for the first time in as long as I can remember.
3. What have been your biggest hurdles?
My biggest hurdle by far has been time management. I work a really fast paced job that is demanding 24/7. On top of that, I am finishing up my Masters degree from WSU. I have night class 3 nights out of the week.
4. Have any doubts about running all 13.1 miles in October?
I have no doubts at all. After nailing my first 5 mile run and feeling great, I know I can make it the whole distance.
5. What’s your favorite running tune right now?
I’m a little weird when it comes to running tunes. I prefer to listen to books on tape. I get lost in the stories and thinking about the plots, characters, etc and forget how tired I am or how much further I have to go.
Nathan was one of the three Joes to complete the Titan 10K last month. It was so inspiring given that these guys weren’t runners just 8 weeks prior. Here’s what his thoughts were following that race.
“Crossing the finish line on my first 10k was truly an amazing feeling. It was my first road race, and it certainly wont be my last. It felt good knowing all of the hours on the treadmill, and laps in the heat really paid off in the race.”
We’re so excited to see the whole crew complete the race in October! Great job Nathan!