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Meet Local Joe, Chandra!

Name: Chandra Stauffer
Twitter: @chandrastauffer

Twitter: @chandrastauffer


Family Status: Married. Three children ages 18, 20 and 21.

Occupation: communication specialist at Woodlawn UMC

Running Background: Off and on (mostly on) since 2006. Several 5Ks, a 10K and one half marathon on my scorecard. I tend to fall in and out of love with running often, sometimes

experiencing both during a single run.

Running GOTR 2014 with Niece

Running GOTR 2014 with Niece

What are you hoping to gain from your experience as a Local Joe?: I’m hoping to get a better understanding of how to run smart. With all those hours on the road, I want the most bang for my buck. But at the same time I hope this program encourages anyone who is curious about running but doesn’t know where to start. I have never ever been an athlete, in high school my “team” was the marching band. But back in 2006 my dad was very sick with melanoma skin cancer and it made me realize I needed to do something long term for my health and well-being, and running turned out to be the only thing I didn’t hate. Also, I am turning 40 next year. I want t
o enter that stage of my life happy and healthy and feeling like a badass.

What is your biggest fear about being a Local Joe?: My biggest fear is to run the half marathon in even less control than I did the first one. This will be a redemption run for me. In 2011, the half kicked my butt up and down Douglas. It was raining. I wasn’t mentally prepared. It was just all around bad. I walked way too much and there was actual crying. There’s no crying in running!

Favorite Workout Tune: Given to Fly by Pearl Jam. It starts out a bit slow but the momentum builds quickly with the chorus and the lyrics about flying really put me in a good mental place where I can just crush it. Once I was walking and I had to start running again just because that song came on. Quite a boost.

Chandra Stauffer

I’ll buy a cup of coffee for the first person who tweets at me with my location and why I’m pointing at that spot on the bridge.