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Our Most Honest Joe: Cassandra Schwartz

This will be one of the best stories to tell. Our Local Joe, Cassandra Schwartz, has been brutally honest about the trials of becoming a runner. She never holds back her feelings and we love it. She mentioned how the tale of the “runner’s high” had to be a lie, because she wasn’t finding it. She seems to never miss a workout, but she’s not always pleased that she was out there pushing herself.
Yes, our “Little Ms.Heart on Her Sleeve” is so fun to follow. If you’re not following Cassandra or our other Joes, you can follow the hashtag #PFMJoes on Twitter or follow the feed here on the race website. 

Cassandra Schwartz

Here’s what Cassandra told us earlier on in training:
1. Overall, how are you feeling about training thus far?
It’s pretty damn hard. I keep hoping that I will begin to enjoy running–it just hasn’t happened yet.
2. What is your best moment of 1/2 marathon training so far?
The first day I ran 15 minute intervals. I didn’t think I could finish the final interval-the moment I just about gave up my app suddenly chimes in “interval complete”. I started to get misty. While I have never run longer than 8 minutes, I never imagined running 15 minutes.
3. What have been your biggest hurdles?
Keeping to the plan. Life always seem to creep into everything.
4. Have any doubts about running all 13.1 miles in October?

Totally. I’m struggling to reach our daily goals. 5 miles seems impossible, let along 13.1.

5. What’s your favorite running tune right now?

Flobots are my running gods. They keep me going. Everytime ‘Rise’ comes on I am pounding to the chorus.
Several weeks ago the Joes had a lunch meeting with their sponsor, and with their trainer, Holly Perkins. The idea was raised that the Jes should run their next long run in a race. Hoping to provide experience and even encouragement for all their hard work. Especially Cassandra, as she seemed to be having hte least fun with the project.
We were so excited to see a medal around Cassandra’s neck after her 10K race. Maybe, just maybe, she got a taste of her first runner’s high.
Here’s what she’s said since the race.
I definitely have more confidence since completing the 10k. It also helped me step it up–being one of the very last to cross the finish line (although satisfying in and of itself) made me want to push myself harder. I don’t want it to be that way in October.
Cassandra has found an extra boost from those who are watching her train.
That ‘Wow’ I get from friends when they ask how far I’m running as certainly helped.
We hope to have Cassandra running in many more races and hope to see her grow into a runner for life. Make sure you follow her to her half marathon finish line this October!
Go get ‘em Cassandra!