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Pro-Tip From Hanna Rosov

Personal Trainer, Hanna Rosov of Zeal Fitness, is back with some more wisdom for those of you training this summer.



Tip 2:

If you are training properly your legs are getting a ton of endurance work but they also need flat out power and strength.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking you don’t need weight training just because you have plenty of running volume. Go for quality multi-joint movements like pushups, pull ups, dead lifts*, & lunges. Choose a weight heavy enough to where your form is starting to fail by 6-8 reps. Set up a circuit where you alternate upper & lower body movements completing each circuit 3x, you shouldn’t be in the weight room more than 40 minutes at a time. The amount of running you’re doing and the 2-3 days  of strength training will make you a stronger, less injury prone runner without fear of “bulking up”. 
*Because I’m a freak about form, search YouTube for  “proper hip hinge” (this will help you learn how to fire that all-important running muscle your glute) and “Grey Cook Deadlift” so you don’t mess up your back.