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Read How Local Joe Kari has Persevered Amidst a Chaotic Summer

1.  My first month as a Local Joe has been chaotic!!!
As “life happens” all around me, my training has pretty much taken place as scheduled! Although my social media aspects have been lacking…I will conquer them! I survived shin splints! Going forward, with awesome love, support, strength, awe and wonder at the amazing blessings in my life…I continue the challenges and proudly say  “I am a Local Joe!” I take on this challenge, amidst all the chaos, with pride, knowing I shall overcome…All is Good! :)
Twitter: @KariSilvernale

Twitter: @KariSilvernale

2.  What’s been your best experience so far?
My best experience as Local Joe so far has been the running that has taken place! For I have been a ‘walker only’ and I strive to run my next Prairie Fire event! I know my journey may be progressing a lot slower than some. I have no great times to flaunt. Running distance is still limited…yet, running is happening! Whoo-hoo! Step by step, day by day, I am moving forward, and I have a great bunch of people supporting me!
3.  Worst?
My worst experiences so far in my training have been shin splints and getting caught in a massive downpour. Rain has been challenging at times! I also have moments of frustration with not being able to just run and run, questioning whether it’s mental block or physical issues.
4.  How are you feeling about July’s training?
I hope July’s training will take place in a bit calmer setting. I hope to see a transition to more “run/walk” for me rather than “walk/run.” I feel the first word in those groupings represents the majority of the type of training steps I am taking! I also hope to conquer my social media fears!
5.  Funniest Joe moment so far? 
My funniest Joe moment had to be the rain storm I was caught in. Dripping wet and running, had to be a site for all those people whizzing by in their cars. Maybe they thought I was really dedicated…or maybe just plain crazy!!!