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Unofficial Team Captain, John Thompson

Have you been following their tweets? If you follow the #PFMJoes hashtag, you’ll see plenty of tweets from John Thompson. He’s the unofficial team captain of the Local Joes. Always wearing a smile and always rallying for his fellow Joes. We love having John on board. He’s such an inspiration to all. We love to brag that he’s just a few tiny pounds away from his 200 pound weight loss goal. Don’t tell us you’re too big to run, look what john has accomplished through diet and running. We’re just so proud of you, John!

He shared his entire story with our sponsor, Check out his story, it’s so motivational!

If you follow John’s tweets, you’ll also catch him chatting up the Local Joes’ trainer Holly Perkins on twitter. He’s always picking her brain about the best ways to maximize his workouts and enhance his diet. He’s making no excuses and doing a fantastic job with his training.

Follow the hashtag #PFMJoes. Get to know the Joes and cheer them on to the finish line. When you hear someone explain why they “can’t run,” point them to the Joes. These runners weren’t runners about 10 weeks ago. They’re just so inspiring.

(You can also read the #PFMJoe tweets on the race website)

Local Joe, John Thompson

Checking in with John:

1. Overall, how are you feeling about training thus far?
Training is going pretty well. Not too much more to that. Hunger has definitely increased and is hard to manage some days, I know a lot of tricks too.
2. What is your best moment of 1/2 marathon training so far?
The first day that all the Joes were out there was pretty awesome.
3. What have been your biggest hurdles?
I really didn’t think I was going to be able to keep up with running so early on a Saturday but it has gone really well.
4. Have any doubts about running all 13.1 miles in October?
No doubts, I can and will do this, period end of story.
5. What’s your favorite running tune right now?

Storm the gates of hell by Demon Hunter.



Training for the Prairie Fire Half Marathon is going extremely well, already planning for the full next year. Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity. – John